Regional Sales Director / Account Manager – Holland (closed)


Our client is one of Australia’s leading authorised solar distributors and wholesalers supplying quality Solar PV arrays to solar retailers with our specialist staff finding the right product for you. They have highly experienced and qualified staff and specialists in Solar PV components, which made our client be one of the market leaders in renewable energy sector.

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Responsible for the development and management of sales channels and customers in Netherlands;
2. Responsible for the target sales goals in Netherlands or Europe assigned by the headquarter;
3. Responsible for assembling the sales team in Netherlands and training the staff members.
4. To process orders under the guidance of the company and to follow up all the after sales work or customer service work.
5. Responsible for the maintenance of customer relationships, liaison, communication and tracking management.
6. Responsible for customer business negotiations and the signing of the contracts.
7. To collect market information of the Dutch market and give advice to the headquarter on marketing strategy and development planning in Netherlands.
8. To set up and keep complete records of customer profiles and keep all the data updated.
9. Administrative work in local office.
10. Abide by professional ethics, timely complete other work assigned by the headquarter

You have:

1. Native Dutch people, bachelor degree or above, international trading or related major is preferred, fluent in Dutch and English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and fluent German would be an additional advantage.
2. At least 3 years of sales experience in the Netherlands PV industry or related industry.
3. Dutch photovoltaic industry sales channels and resources, sales management experience is preferred.
4. those with mature channels or customer resources are preferred.
5. Good communication skills and business negotiation skills.
6. Skillfully use all kinds of office software, be good at writing business documents.
7. Integrity, good business ethics and professional spirit, abide by the professional norms.
8. Have good psychological quality and can work well under pressure.


For any question, please contact: Ms. Serena Wang

to apply, please fill in:

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